Antwon & Wiki: “It’s Been A Year, It’s Been Wild”


By Elisa Stumpf 

Antwon is from San Jose. Wiki is from Manhattan (upper west fuck the rest, yea? yea!). Anyway, he asks, “We came from far, far away to get here. Where did we come from?” “Brooklyn! Woo, New York!”

The first to go on was Divine Interface, a local DJ who played every good song from 2012. No exaggeration or irony – it was thoroughly enjoyable just as the year was. We’re talking the hits – “Witit” (Danny Brown), “Threats” (Denzel Curry), even “The Last Huzzah” (Mr. Muthafuckin’ Exquire). Everyone was milling around, drinking beer. Whoever ran the fog machine I think went home early and forgot to turn it off, it was quite hazy. 

Wiki and Antwon Concert Pic 3

AND THEN the main attractions, but not in like an *objectifying* sort of way but just like they were the headliners, you know? Antwon graced the stage first. He has a crazy presence. His sound works perfectly live – massive cacophonies marked all over with shooting flairs. Antwon drags the mic stand around with him almost dancing with it. It creates a visual tension and Antwon’s guiding it all. Between songs, he’d make conversation with the audience, or dedicate a song to the ladies. He had Pictureplane, who was DJing, play a Mariah Carey song. A man after my own heart.

Then, Wiks away from me, upper west fuck the rest, yea? yea!). He came out in a Wikiflag sweatshirt and basketball shorts down past his knees. Heck he was even wearing suede Pumas, just like me!

WIKI and Antwon Concert Pic 1

When the sweatshirt came off, it revealed two things: 1) a Knowledge Wave t-shirt (Knowledge Wave is internet radio made by Barnard kids – Wiki literally carries this city around with him). 2) a toothbrush dangling from his pocket with floss hanging from the bristles (it impressively stayed in place throughout the whole performance, even with his characteristically spastic movements).

Wiki is very genuinely influenced by New York and is loyal to the city. In Atlanta, a Wiki concert makes me feel at home. He played a few tracks off his new-ish mixtape and then came together with Antwon in a harmonious coupling to close the show. He cleans up nice if you tell him you’re from the Upper West Side.


Images via Griffin Miller

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