Top Five Songs to Remind You of Home

By Denton Williams

1. “Holy City” – Sequoyah Prep School

Maybe it’s the slight country fused with the alternative genre that makes “Holy City” a nostalgic hit. Maybe it’s the references to running away and starting over, saying goodbye to your friends and always having that one person to help you pick up the pieces that trigger the images of the summer sun. No matter what the ingredients are, “Holy City” definitely sends your mind driving your car back home.

2. “Light Outside” – Wakey!Wakey!

Short but sweet, this track is all about finding comfort in someone special. Whether you’re snuggling the whole day away with that one person as they wear your oversized button-down or exchanging some of your deepest, darkest secrets, seeking them out when you’re most vulnerable, “Light Outside” embodies all of the days indoors with your favorite person — in your house or theirs.

3. “Good Life” – OneRepublic

It’s certain that this song has incredible meaning to anyone who hears it. In the entire world of roughly seven billion people, no matter where you, your family, and your friends are located, you’re all still connected. Your heart is your home, life is good and OneRepublic proves it with this drunken-night-in-London-inspired song. At Emory, we all come from places across the country and even the world, so stop to think about dispersing in the future but still being close. That is good.

4. “Counting The Ways” – Kate Voegele

Take a walk by the river, through the woods or down the street while listening to “Counting The Ways,” and I dare you to try not to think of home. Homesickness will catch up to you, and you’ll find yourself wanting to be surrounded by everyone you care about most. Don’t worry, it’s okay to cry. Just be sure to do Kate justice by belt-ing out her song while you sob.

5. “The House That Built Me” – Miranda Lambert

Miranda, Miranda, Miranda, what on Earth have you done? Why did you create possibly the saddest and most nostalgic song the music world has ever seen? Knowing from experience, this song is perfect for listening in your dorm room or study lounge mid-semester when the stress of school is peaking. And for any of the proud, no-country-music-ever individuals out there, “The House That Built Me” might as well be a picture book of your own lives, and you’ll surely end up imagining your kitchen smells and sofa cushions if you listen. Please do.

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