Top Five Songs for Freshman Year

By Sloan Krakovsky



1. “Missed the Boat” — Modest Mouse
We all hear about the amazing party side of college, but the aspect we seem to miss is that loneliness we feel when one of our old friends texts us. Modest Mouse taps into some feelings we might not want to admit about college, with: “looking towards the future / we were begging for the past” (we all know we’re a little homesick).


2. “Life Is Hard” — Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Once we’ve admitted our homesickness and, yes, even the difficulty of college, we’ve got to think about what we’re going to do with that knowledge. Edward Sharpe advises, “yes, life is hard. Come celebrate!” College can be hard, but we can channel that by “trying to smile from [our] heart.”


3. “I Found You” — Alabama Shakes
You know that feeling when you make a new, genuine friend? You and your roommate click, you have a genuine laugh with someone in your Orientation group and the heavens open up and rainbows shine down on you? This
is that song. “It took a long time to find you … but I finally found you.” Finally.


4. “Changes” — David Bowie (From the “Shrek 2” Soundtrack)
“Changes are taking the pace I’m going through… ” As freshmen, our surroundings have changed considerably,
but also our own lives are changing. Just as Shrek discovers his true “prince” self on the outside, we’re all discovering our real selves on the inside. “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!”


5. “Live Like A Warrior” – Matisyahu
Need a little encouragement? You’ve realized you’re lonely, celebrated that fact, found a friend, and discovered you’re changing. Now you need a little encouragement. Put behind the bad days you’ve had and “Today today, live like you wanna / Let yesterday burn and throw it in a fire, in a fire, in a fire / Live like a Warrior.”


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    a smart man

    This is BRILLIANT. Sloan is a champ. Please write more things for me, a smart man, to enjoy

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    This really got me tingly! I agree with A Smart Man! Brilliant. And it got my tip excited!

  • Reply January 26, 2014


    Sloan’s choices capture the essence of freshman year. Excellent picks and accurate descriptions

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