Top Five Make Out Songs

By Bobby Weisblatt

1. “Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)”
As my dad always said, “In the 60’s, if somebody put this record on, you were getting some.” “Norwegian Wood” (The Beatles) has the subtle sweetness of the rest of Rubber Soul, with the nice trippy sting of a sitar to make it move. If the song isn’t enough to tell you what to do to it, don’t worry because the lyrics will clue you in as well.

2. “Music When the Lights Go Out”
One of the slower tracks from a band that usually goes all-out, “Music When The Lights Go Out” is the perfect track for a hook-up during exactly what the title suggests. Dim the lights, flip on this song, and you have intimate gold. Just make sure you don’t keep your Libertines playlist on shuffle, or the end of the song might leave you with a jarring change of pace.

3. “Don’t Kiss Me Goodbye”
Have you ever had to say goodbye to someone you really like and wish that a song would start playing during your last hug? This is that song (Ultra Orange and Emmanuelle). However, if you want my advice, don’t take the chorus’s word for it, she/he wants you to kiss them goodbye, trust me. So next time you have to say goodbye to someone great, bring your boom box, crank this up, and give ‘em a smooch.

4. “Car”
It may seem like a bit of a throwback to make out in a car these days. But this track kindly brings that trend into our generation. Built to Spill has that perfect 90s angst that has a knack for capturing everything going through your silly teenage mind as you make out in a car parked at the top of a hill.

5. “Mixtape”
I got a 20 dollar bill that says you remember this song from middle school. Talk about teen angst. Brand New were the masters of this topic, especially with their first album, Your Favorite Weapon. This may have been your favorite song before you actually started making out with people, but it’s never too late. Put Brand New back into your playlist, and do what you’ve always wanted to do while this song is playing.

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