Top Five Late-Night Joints

By Alexa Cucopulos


1. Majestic Diner

Have a midnight craving for some blueberry pancakes and bacon? Just feel like enjoying a milkshake froth-ing with whipped cream and topped off with a candied cherry? Majestic Diner is the place for you.

This 24-hour diner has a vintage 1950s atmosphere and serves diner staples like burgers and shakes, as well as menu originals like the scrumptious baklava sundae soaked in honey and piled high with vanilla ice cream. It’s
situated right next to the Plaza Theatre, making it ideal to take a date for a late-night dinner and movie.

1031 Ponce De Leon Ave. (404) 875-0276.

2. Waffle House (Cheshire Bridge location)

A great southern staple, Waffle House’s fat-drenched food, dubious health conditions and cross-section of inebriated people from all over Atlanta just add to its endearing charm.

But there’s one particular Waffle House that’s a must-visit when you start feeling those 2 a.m. cravings for defrosted hash browns and trans fat soaked waffles: the one on Cheshire Bridge Road in uptown Atlanta.

The employees here are extremely friendly and even memorize your order if you frequent Waffle House nightly (like myself ). Not to mention, the strip clubs and sex stores nearby lure in some interesting characters, making this House not only a great place for late-night dining but a perfect site for people-watching. Hit up this establishment to make some sketchy friends and enjoy some questionable (yet undeniably delicious) food.

Pro Tip: Order the hash browns extra crispy.

2264 Cheshire Bridge Rd. (404) 634-9414.

3. El Rey del Taco

It is my firm belief that everyone should have access to tacos at all hours of the day. This is where El Rey del Taco steps in and provides delicious (and cheap!) tacos all night long.

The service may be a little slow, and it may be a bit of a drive, but the food is worth the wait. Every taco comes with sautéed vegetables and an assortment of titillating sauces.

Also, two words: free salsa.

5288 Buford Hwy, Doraville. (770) 986-0032.

4. Pho 24

Like El Rey del Taco, this is also a bit of a drive. However, this joint is great for some cheap but delicious Vietnamese food. Open 24 hours, you can get your fill at any time.

They serve everything from pho soup to Vietnamese sub sandwiches. Pho 24 is the ideal late night joint for broke college students looking for a cheap but filling meal. (Their avocado smoothie with tapioca is a must have.)

4646 Buford Hwy. (770) 710-0178.

5. Murder Kroger

By day it’s just another Kroger, but by night it’s the infamous “Murder Kroger.” This is the only known Kroger in all of Atlanta that keeps a police officer out front at all hours of the night.

That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but really, if you feel like witnessing some drug deals, knife fights or teenagers having sex in a car, this is the place to go. Located on Ponce de Leon, this is the perfect spot to adventure to after your hip concert at the Masquerade (located just behind the supermarket) or if you just feel like having a brush with death.

No one is actually sure if anyone has been murdered there, but its ambiguous past and poor lighting add to its enigmatic aura.

Disclaimer: Murder Kroger is best experienced between the hours of 2 and 4 a.m.

725 Ponce De Leon Ave. (404) 875-2701.

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