Top Five Coffee Shops

By Alexa Cucopulos

1. Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party
This vintage style tea shop is the perfect place to spend an evening of quietude and introspection amongst weathered books on wooden shelves and artfully discordant paintings, old and new, smattered across the walls. Background vinyl music evokes a retrograde yet hip atmosphere ideal for work or conversation amid a cup of the mellow house blend rich in nutty undertones. The atmosphere at Dr. Bombay’s is not the only thing that is artistic about this coffee shack; they offer dainty sandwiches available in organic and vegetarian options, as well as homemade baked goods and ice creams. Schedule a low-key tea party here or just stop by to crack open a book and enjoy an earthy brew.
1645 McLendon Ave NE. (404) 474-1402.

2. Steady Hand Pour House [Editor’s Note: It’s closed now. RIP.]
The baristas at Steady Hand Pour House in Emory Village cater to each individual cup of coffee like delicate culinary masterpieces. Each cup is brewed by hand and personalized with the creative rosetta flair of each employee. They are the alchemists of the coffee world, if you will, known to transform a simple cup of coffee into a sensory experience. The aptly roasted George Howell beans immediately hypnotize the taste buds with buttery undertones only to further enchant the drinker as the roast’s vivacious flavor settles upon the tongue. Popular drinks such as the “Dirty Chai” are brewed with sweet and spicy loose-leaf teas whilst the “Mocha Latte,” — a favorite amongst the Emory community — overcomes the senses with a delicate creaminess from gourmet chocolate infusions. Overall, the workers at Steady Hand are affable and the atmosphere cozy (although a bit small). Stop by to listen to relaxing tunes and meet some friendly people over a cup of coffee before the shop changes its location!

3. Java Monkey
Perhaps you are keen on the spoken word and love a bit of entertainment over a fruity cup of joe. While Java Monkey may be too loud to read your copy of Marx or Nietzsche, it is a great social environment with poetry readings every Sunday that feature some of Emory’s most creative students as well as big name slam poets such as Theresa Davis. Poetry not your thing? You can stop by simply to enjoy Java Monkey’s mellow brews and vegetarian specials such as the “Veggie Heaven Panini” or the “Hummus Plate Appetizer” made with fresh ingredients, and ideal when accompanied by side of house-made chocolate ganache. This hip shack in Decatur is perfect for a casual first date with its wine bar and outdoor patio, or just for a laid back night out with friends in an artful venue.
425 Church St. (404) 378-5002.

4. Cafe Intermezzo
Head out to Buckhead Atlanta to splurge on a decadent “Hazelnut Rum Latte” or a gourmet “Cappuccino Cheesecake.” Café Intermezzo is a great place to impress a date or to treat yourself to a pricey yet scrumptious coffee and pastry combination. The desserts are impeccable; the decoration is high-class. And who knows? You might even run into someone famous.
1065 Peachtree Rd NE. (404) 355-0411.

5. Octane
Sleek and modern, Octane is the place to be if you are looking for a glass of afternoon wine amid hip 20-something year olds and college students from all over Atlanta. While the choice of music is a bit outdated for the contemporary feel of the venue, Octane is nonetheless the shop to go for a spacious environment and a piquant cup of coffee with a bit of a bite. Each cup is made individually, their beans more slowly roasted for deeper, tangier undertones. Perhaps slightly too ambient for homework or deep thought, and perhaps located a tad far from Emory, Octane is nevertheless worth checking out for sharing some baked goods from the Little Tart Bake Shop (an offshoot of Octane), and having some casual conversation with friends.
437 Memorial Dr SE. (404) 815-9886.

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