Teen Daze – ‘The Inner Mansions’


Teen Daze
The Inner Mansions
Lesfe Records

Teen Daze’s The Inner Mansions is every music critic’s nightmare (or wet dream, depending on how sadistic he or she is). This style of music — chilllwave, post-ambient, dream pop, whatever it is — is repeatedly accused of being trite, easy, riskless, and, most commonly, boring. For all the abuse The Inner Mansions might stand to suffer because of its overripe genre, it is actually very good at what it does. Its most immediate energy is concentrated at the head and steadily smeared across the album’s length. The Inner Mansions was probably conceived as a journey inward, but I like to think it expertly charts the eager bloom and subsequent, tired slog of its genre. You sigh with it, not because of it, and that makes it a success. —Max Ashton

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