Riff Raff brings the “riff raff” to The Loft

Riff Raff and DJ Afterthought fuse EDM and rap with a big dash of commercialism creating a hype concert


By Jared Felton-Grice / DJ Royeaux (formerly DJ Graffiti)

Atlanta, Georgia

Jan. 17th, 2017

Riff Raff has always been an enigma – his style is often defined either as parody hip-hop or as unique artistry with quirky fashion and unconventional word play. Regardless of the which is more accurate, both perspectives come together when Riff Raff performs. He creates a familiar space for hip-hop and EDM fans alike, which corresponds with his unorthodox hip-hop style. His show captured the essence of great live concerts: an engaged crowd, a mix of musical sounds and genres, and a larger-than life-personality to make the whole experience engaging.

The show opened with a collection of unnamed rap artists who performed generic, commercially-sounding music. The mediocrity of their music was only improved by the richness and depth of The Loft’s sound system. The venue’s luxurious space accommodated the crowd well, though the interior design could use some work. More than an hour after the show began, Riff Raff performed his first song, lip-syncing his entire set.

The rest of the show passed like a typical concert. He raps a mix of his older songs, makes conversation with the crowd, introduces some new music and then ends with two of his most famous songs “Dolce and Gabbana” and “Tip Toe Wing in My Jawwdinz”. Though the ending was strong, the overall show was mediocre at best. I left more impressed with production than with artists themselves, including the headliner, Riff Raff. But judging from the crowd’s adoration for his music, I believe that I was in the minority who did not fully enjoy Riff Raff’s show.


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