Jessica Pratt’s Newest Single – “Back, Baby”


by Jacob Eckert

Listeners were given a preliminary glimpse of the latest work by San Francisco-based folkie Jessica Pratt on November 4th with the release of the first single from her upcoming record, On Your Own Love Again, due January 27th of next year from Drag City. After not having heard a peep out of this wonderful new folk artist since the release of her self-titled debut album in 2012, I was incredibly excited to feast my ears on her newest offering, and am satisfied, though not surprised to declare that her newest work lives up to the expectations following her previous release, and even decidedly exceeds them.

Following in the spirit of her debut album, the instrumentation on “Back, Baby”, her newest single, is incredibly sparse. However, it is not a sparsity that causes the listener to desire any more out of the music, but rather one that serves to emphasize just how crucial each small portion of the instrumentation and composition truly is to the song as a whole. In refraining from burying her simple compositions with convoluted arrangements, the listener is forced to focus on how powerful and distinctive Pratt’s voice is, how delicate and pensive her guitar strumming is, and how powerfully each of her subtle vocal harmonies elevate her song to a higher level of beauty and mysticism.

“Back, Baby” is an excellent success by Jessica Pratt: magical, meandering, and mystical. For me, the quality of this track hints towards a very likely early contender for “Album of the Year 2015” to come into our lives on January 27th, 2015.

Check out “Back, Baby” on Drag City’s Soundcloud stream!

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