Hozier – Hozier


by Alisha Uppal

The Irish singer/songwriter Andrew Hozier-Byrne released his debut solo album globally on October 7th, 2014. This self-titled album features the hit single “Take Me to Church”, which gained Hozier overnight success. The song sends a deeply emotional message that is also reflected in the heart-wrenching music video about the suppression of homosexuality by certain cults. “Take Me To Church” also happens to be the first track, and it sets the foundation perfectly for the rest of the album. From the first note sung in his confident and passionate voice, Hozier proves he isn’t kidding with his music.

But don’t stop listening there! You’ll be surprised how much further Hozier can go with his music. He’s not all about death and darkness. The rest of his album has the same effortless tone that it starts with, and only enhances his unique talent; his breathtaking music sounds like he’s singing right in front of you. Each song is fresh, covering a wide range of styles including honest love songs (“Like Real People Do”), the classic oldies-blues (“Angel of Small Death & Codeine Scene”) and even nicely blends blues and rock (“Jackie and Wilson”). Whether he’s lamenting about the evil in the world, or just singing on a sunny day, Hozier does not fail to put truth in his music, making this album a soulful masterpiece.

Check out the video for “Take Me To Church” in the youtube embed below!

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