About Us

Frequency Music and Culture Zine is the bi-annual magazine of WMRE, Emory University’s radio station. The Zine provides a space for Emory students to explore arts criticism, Atlanta culture, alternative entertainment, and music journalism. Conceived in 2002 under the name Listen, the magazine was redesigned and renamed Frequency in 2007, then redesigned again in 2008 to go from black and white newsprint to a high-gloss, full-color magazine.

Frequency is published once a semester in fall and spring editions. To get involved with submitting writing, photography, or artwork and for more information, email our current Editors-in-Chief.


Sarah Kelley and Allison Lin


Past Editors-in-Chief

Online: Alisha Uppal (2016-2017)

Zine: Cassie Hill and Allison Lin (2016-2017)

Online: Sanai Meles (2015-2016)

Zine: Alisha Uppal and Zach Issenberg (2015-2016)

Rhett Henry and Alexa Cucopulos
Zine Editors-in-Chief (2014-2015)

Sonam Vashi
Zine Editor-in-Chief (2013-2014)

Arianna Skibell
Zine Editor-in-Chief (2012-2013)

Adam Valeiras
Zine Editor-in-Chief (2011-2012)

Peter Brody
Zine Editor-in-Chief (2010-2011)

Patrick Buntichai
Zine Editor-in-Chief (2008-2009)