Diarrhea Planet – ‘I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams’

By Jacob Eckert

Diarrhea PlanetDiarrhea Planet
I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
Infinity Cat

This band is so skilled at what they do that they’ve been able to make a phrase as revolting as “Diarrhea Planet” become synonymous with “unabashed fun.”

I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams shows the Nashville-based punk group at their highest level of accomplishment, churning out song after song of insanely high-energy, frantic punk classics. In all reality, the record is just a teaser of what you could get by going to one of their live shows and seeing these renegades party harder than you ever could in your wildest dreams.

But despite the euphoria and excitement of their live experience, this record comes closer than any of their previous efforts to matching that standard.

If you like disorganized, energetic punk and have yet to hear this record, then that needs to change ASAP.

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