Daft Punk – ‘Random Access Memories’

By Sanai Meles

Daft PunkDaft Punk
Random Access Memories
Daft Life/Columbia

With EDM hitting a critical mass in the past few years, originators like Daft Punk have been left out of the recent mix. After taking an eight-year hiatus, they’re finally back, and they haven’t lost their touch.

Interestingly enough, Random Access Memories finds the group distinguishing themselves from their contemporaries by incorporating disco, prog-pop and soft-rock.

Tracks like summer hit “Get Lucky” or the electro pop-based “Doin’ It Right” find the group in familiar dance territory, and the seven-minute long “Touch” takes listeners on a vast sonic journey.

Die-hard fans may find the tempo of Random Access Memories too low for their liking, but the album is intentionally a personal one. The influences of this legendary duo become apparent in this album, and listeners can explore another side of Daft Punk that we may have otherwise not cared to listen to.

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