Concert Review: Yellow Claw

Yellow Claw

By Santi Cruz

Amsterdam duo Yellow Claw came back to ATL with a stacked show along fellow EDM DJs GTA and Riot Ten as well as the newest member of their “Barong Family” label, DOLF. DOLF and Riot Ten threw it down with bass filled EDM and dubstep tracks to start up what soon became a packed show at the Tabernacle. The venue, which can host up to 1,500 guests in their concert hall, quickly filled as bass lovers anxiously awaited Yellow Claw’s arrival showing full emotion through each of the DJ’s set prior to the headliners. GTA, the Miami originated due of electro house and trap DJs behind the world-famous hit, Red Lips, were the nights special guests. Coming after Riot Ten’s trap and dubstep filled set, GTA carried the energy the crowd was showing with a bouncy electro set bringing back all of their classic EDM hits and showing some of their upcoming releases.

Finally, Yellow Claw took the stage at around 11PM with a set filled with all the crowd favorite songs and many new upcoming collaborations. Their set also featured many songs from their previous album, Blood for Mercy as well as from their recently released album, Los Amsterdam. The show began and ended earlier than the rest of their shows in their North America tour, running from 8:00 PM to 00:15 AM but that didn’t affect the vibe of the show which consisted of mosh-pit after mosh-pit and a lot of enthusiasm from the crowd during every song of the DJ’s sets. The Tabernacle experienced the full effect of Yellow Claw’s Amsterdam trap music evidently showing the growing success of electronic music in the Atlanta music scene.

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