Concert Review: Walk the Moon

By Devin Mashman

Walk The Moon’s performance at the Coca Cola Roxy excelled beyond a simple concert and offered a full experience that I will not soon forget. This was my first time seeing Walk The Moon live and it surprised me on multiple levels, not only musically but also as a performance. They kept the energy high with high intensity dance moves and a strong light show, then put it all together with a combination of new songs and old hits like “Anna Sun” and “Shut Up and Dance.”
In their live performance, Walk The Moon somewhat separated from their more traditional alternative sound and embraced a modern rock sound reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys. The lead guitar paired with a heavy bass, offering a unique sound and experience more compelling than just listening to their tracks. This paired with a willingness to keep the crowd engaged and dancing, making the atmosphere as lively as possible.

The performance also had a loose, comedic feel to pair with a unique sound. Some visual jokes such as the drummer and bassist waltzing together during a slow jam gave the show not only a chuckle but a unique feeling of spontaneity and improvisation that made the night not only another show, but a completely separate experience from any other live concert.

Through the night, the energy remained high, the music remained compelling, and the urge to sing along only got greater and greater. I would recommend seeing this band as many times as possible.

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