Concert Review: Noname

Photo Credit: Shaun Llewellyn (@shaunllewellyn_)

By Gabe Samuels
Just a few months removed from her sophomore effort, Room 25, Noname took her funky yet thoughtful music to a pleased crowd at the Masquerade in Atlanta, bringing her effortless energy and talented back-up performers along for the ride too. After a vibrant performance from her opener, Elton, Noname breezed onto the stage to the nimble beat of “Self”, the intro to her most recent album. In which the artist repeatedly questions her detractors: “Y’all really thought a bitch couldn’t rap, huh?”. It was only fitting for the 27-year-old to open the show with this self-assured question, as she exuded confidence from then on.

Not to be forgotten were her talented back-up band and accompanying singers, who got a fair share of attention as well. With only two albums to draw upon, the group effortlessly performed nearly all of Noname’s discography. “Windows”, also off Room 25, served as one highlight, while renditions of “Shadow Man” and “Diddy Bop” seemed to be the most enjoyable performances of the night for both the audience and the performers.

Throughout the evening, the tone established by Noname and the entire set design, most notably the calming, cerebral light show, was a light-hearted one. This was felt through the atmosphere of the crowd, as my fellow concert-goers and I all seemed to be in agreement that the night, like Noname’s ethereal melodies, deserved to be pleasant, breezy, and trouble-free.

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