Concert Review: Lecrae’s “All Things Work Together” Tour


By Areanna Sabine


If someone offered you raw eggs, milk, flour, sugar, and salt and told you to eat them all separately, what would you say? Lecrae’s most recent album, “All Things Work Together,” makes the analogy that life is a little bit like baking. The individual ingredients might seem terrible to eat by themselves, but when you mix them together and add some heat you come out with a cake.


Lecrae rapped from his heart and his flow was unreal. While many people might be turned off by his Christian themed lyrics, I find his music incredibly relatable. Lecrae raps candidly about his personal experiences with mental health, cancer, and faith. His music encourages listeners to develop self-care habits and to think holistically about success.


The Tabernacle was the perfect venue to host Lecrae’s performance. Throughout the show, home videos, clips from old TV shows, and clips from current news broadcasts were playing on the background screen. The crowd’s reaction to different songs and clips varied depending on the emotion and message. The most interesting part about the concert was the crowd: it was just so diverse. Since Lecrae’s music is family friendly, there were kids, young adults, and even old couples rockin’ out to his relatable lyrics.

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