Concert Review: Hoodie Allen

Hoodie Allen

By Manishka Daryanani

“Hoodie! Hoodie! Hoodie!” the audience cheered as Hoodie Allen stepped the stage at Center Stage, Atlanta on November 10th. The energy levels of the audience rose instantaneously as Hoodie began his performance with his song, “Sushi” from his 2017 album, “The Hype.” Hoodie was extremely interactive with the crowd, constantly conversing with the crowd, making the whole room feel quite close knit.

Before the show began, concert goers were given a phone number to text, with the knowledge that one lucky audience member would be receiving a surprise at some time during the night. In the middle of the concert, Hoodie stopped and pulled out his phone, announcing that he would be calling one member of the audience up onto the stage. The audience went crazy, and started screaming as Hoodie placed the call and searched the crowd for the lucky winner. Once he found her, he brought her up to stage and let her stay and dance for a song.

Hoodie ended the concert with a couple of his older songs such as “No Interruption,” and “No Faith in Brooklyn.” To bond further with the crowd, Hoodie changed the lyrics in his song “No Faith in Brooklyn” to “No Faith in Georgia,” which formed a sense of unity and pride throughout the room.

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