Get hyped for Localsfest on October 25!

Get hyped for Localsfest on October 25!


October 3rd, 2019


Localsfest is WMRE’s annual concert that showcases local artists & this year (as always) we have a pretty fantastic lineup 🙂

Be there at the Drunken Unicorn on October 25. Doors open at 9 pm!

Stay updated on Facebook for shuttle information & updates

RSVP here & bring your student ID because

it’s FREE for Emory folks and $5 for other colleges! ($10 for general admission)

& check out the bands before seeing them live!

World’s Greatest Dad: an emotive indie band from Atlanta 

Gabbie Rotts

“A lot of unnecessary profanity”
– moms

“Each song on Gabbie Rotts is a liberating sing-along anthem you want to scream as you’re burning pictures of your ex in the backyard.”
– Immersive ATL

“all of your songs are very short and the audience screams at the end bc they’re so scary.”
– Jimmy, 5 yo

Challenger Deep

“Four dudes from Atlanta traveling through ocean space at odd speeds.”

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