DJ Spotlight: Freak Flag with Rhett Henry


November 9th, 2011


Show: Freak Flag

Hometown: The grand ol’ town of Lawrenceville,Georgia. Fun fact: notorious smut peddler Larry Flynt was shot here. O,Georgia!

Favorite Band: No question about this one – Of Montreal from Athens, GA has been my favorite outfit for almost half of a decade.

Fresh: The subscription to the online Oxford English Dictionary here at Emory that I’ve only recently begun to take advantage of.

Tracked: The wholesale rejection of the Oxfordcomma. [Yeah, I’m with you on that one.]

Tell me about “Freak Flag.” What’s the deal? I purposely made Freak Flag to be about the playlist and not so much about a single sort of sound. So much music gets thrown under the “indie” umbrella, but it’s really a massive, subcultural melting pot of ideas, sounds and influences. Instead of pinning down a single, saleable “Freak Flag show,” I want to bring the spotlight onto the power that a playlist gives us to completely recontextualize a song and create a new listening experience from all the music thrown under the umbrella of ‘experimental’/’alternative’/’indie’. The playlist gives everyone the power to curate what the background music to his or her life will be. When our parents were teenagers, they had make out while something like the Eagles was on the radio. Now, we can attach any music to any moment and, in that way, pre-plan our memories. Most everyone makes playlist but not everyone appreciates the power that it gives him or her.

So I understand you’re pretty good with the sound effects board…(laughs) Yeah. I’ve started doing a segment called “Hip-Hop and Hawks,” in which I take a really awful hip-hop song – and I mean REALLY awful – and add in some silly sound effects, my favorite of which is the screeching hawk.

What made you want to have a show? I realize my earlier answer about my show was ridiculously long-winded and pretentious. Really, I just want to share with others those things that I think are neat. Maybe they’ll hate it but hopefully they’ll like it. I try to not be a disc jockey. I try to foster a bond with my listeners (all six of them! Ha!).

What concert would you sell your soul to see? Oh man, that’s a tough one. It’s a tie between Prince when the Revolution was his backing band or David Bowie during the era of Ziggy Stardust.

Tell me something interesting and not music-related about you. I just recently got a membership to the High Museum, so if anyone reading would like to take a fancy art field trip, let me know!

You can catch Freak Flag with Rhett on Monday’s at 9pm on WMRE.


  1. Destiny says:

    “I realize my earlier answer about my show was ridiculously long-winded and pretentious.” lolz.

  2. Destiny says:

    He sounds incredibly handsome! ;D

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