2014-2015 WMRE Exec Board

General Manager: Bobby Weisblatt (rlweisb@emory.edu)
Programming Director: Ben Crais (bcrais@emory.edu)
Special Events Directors: Denton Williams and Zach Issenberg
(drwill6@emory.edu and zachary.issenberg@emory.edu)
Personnel Director: Harrison Farina (harrison.jacob.farina@emory.edu)
Promotions Director: Laura Flint and Julia Howard
(laura.flint@emory.edu and jhowa27@emory.edu)
ZINE Editors In Chief: Alexa Cucopulos and Rhett Henry
(acucopu@emory.edu and crhenr2@emory.edu)
Social Chairs: Alex Jalandra and Mary Catherine Ballou
(alex.jalandra@emory.edu and mballou@emory.edu)
Tech Director: Bennett Kane (bennett.kane@emory.edu)
Treasurer: Tim Peterson (twpeter@emory.edu)
Music Director: Sarika Joglekar (sarika.joglekar@emory.edu)
Media Master: Alvin Choi (jcho322@emory.edu)
Business Manager: Ben Cheng (benjamin.cheng@emory.edu)
Members at Large: Elliyah Dossantos and Sonam Vashi
(eedossa@emory.edu and svashi2@emory.edu) 

Past Executive Boards:

WMRE Exec. Board (2015-2016)