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WMRE 2016-2017 Executive Board:

Business Manager Allie Miller

[For those who wish to set up interviews, ticket giveaways and other music/event promotions reach out to Allie Miller]

General Manager: Zachary Issenberg

Member at Large: Susan Arevalo

Music Director: Ryan Myers

Personnel Director: Griffin Miller

Programming Directors: Josh Patashnik & Austyn Wohlers

Promotions: Jennie Bass & Max Vasquez

Social Chair: Ellen Dymit

Social Media Manager: Jake Choi

Special Events: Jamison Murphy

Tech Director: Brandon Pownall

Treasurer: Angeline Goh

Zine Chief Editors: Cassie Hill & Allison Lin

Zine Online Chief Editor: Alisha Uppal

Past Executive Boards:

WMRE Exec. Board (2014-2015)
WMRE Exec. Board (2015-2016)

Music Submissions:
Studio: 404.727.9673
Office: 404.727.9672

Mailing Address:

Emory University
605 Asbury Circle
Drawer AG
Atlanta, GA 30322