CMJ Review: Born Gold @ Cameo Gallery


November 9th, 2011


We entered through a nice, calm restaurant and bar, made our way past the kitchen, and stumbled upon Cameo gallery’s intimate venue space.

New York’s own Zambri opened with a nice soothing performance, but little did we know, the tables were about to completely turn. The switch over between bands was the last bit of calm we would get before the space was destroyed by the electronic indie outfit that is Born Gold (formerly GOBBLE GOBBLE).

Born Gold’s frontman, Cecil Frena took the stage with two large light panels at his back and a wall of fog spewing from beneath his table. His two band mates, Calvin McElroy and Graham Nichol, set up camp on the floor right in front of the audience. All types of controls, strange MIDI guitars, an iPad, and even some shovels and a large tribal-looking drum were among the arsenal of instruments that Born Gold brought. Throughout the performance, Calvin and Graham danced throughout the crowd (sometimes on stilts) banging shovels together, playing their MIDI guitars, and getting the fans to hit the massive drumhead. Around the halfway point, Cecil commanded the crowd to dance like it was “3:00am and this [was] the last show of CMJ.” Born Gold maintained an astounding level of energy right until the last bass kick sounded. Once it was all said and done, I glanced around to see a room full ecstatic, cheering fans. Born Gold surely did “Decimate Everything.”

Written by Chandler Fountain, WMRE Tech Director and DJ 

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