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April 20th, 2012


I may be 22, but places like Opera and Sutra Lounge just aren’t my jam (#grandma #sorryI’mnotsorry).  I’m more of a Brickstore, Virginia Highlands, or The Ivy type of girl.  I like the low-key feel so I can hang out and chat with my fellow patrons, and perhaps sip down some delicious drank (#beer). Situations that involve day drinking are situations I like.  Which leads me to why I like Atlanta (reason# 23455): festivals, lots of them.   Weekends on weekends of them.

On this fine 4/20 weekend, Atlanta brings you not one, but two great festivals to attend.  And since WMRE is taking a weekend off of events in anticipation of next weekend’s SPRING BAND PARTY(!!!), you should fill your Friday to Sunday with day-drinking, sun-soaking (mother nature permitting), and music-listening at SweetWater420Fest and Dogwood Festival. Or you should go to Coachella (don’t you wish?).

SweetWater 420 Fest (which may or may not be an allusion to this weekend’s ‘holiday’) is an annual event hosted by SweetWater Brewing Company and a host of other Atlanta centered businesses to celebrate music and, well, beer.  It’s being held in Candler Park and starts, accordingly, at  4:20pm on 4/20.  One highlight to look out for: Soulive playing Friday.  Another one: $5 for all the beer tasting you want (responsibly). The Candler Park area is known for its fairly young and fairly artsy population, so it’s a great place for Emory students to break into the Atlanta “scene.”  Also, admission is free, so why not go enjoy some festivities?

SweetWater Casks at 420Fest

SweetWater Casks at 420Fest










When you’re not at SweetWater, you should check out Dogwood, the bigger, more well known festival of the weekend.  Dogwood admission, like SweetWater, is free, but it will be a little more expensive for the extra highlights.  Beyond the free arts fair and live music, Dogwood has added the “Art of Comedy” show, a stand-up comedy competition for $12, and “La Fete” an international food and wine tasting for $35.  It’s a little pricier than SweetWater, but after 75 years, the hosts have this festival running right.  Another big plus: dogs are allowed at Dogwood, and who doesn’t like meeting new people through pets?

Dogwood Festival

Dogwood Festival

So break the bubble this weekend, and get yourself outside and enjoying the start of spring, and the near end of another year.

And then get ready for Elite Gymnastics, Sun Airway, and Beach Fossils next weekend! SBP in Cox Ballroom on 4/28 at 7pm.



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