Art vs. Science @ Le Poisson Rouge


November 7th, 2011


As soon as Chad Valley finished his ethereal electronic set, one of the most hyped bands of CMJ began to take the stage. There was a certain kind of buzz – that kind that makes you want to see a band even when you only know one of their songs – surrounding Art vs Science. Walking through panels, one didn’t have to try very hard to overhear Art vs. Science in conversation. Whether it was about the great show they put on the night before or how good the one that next night would be, the general notion was that this wasn’t something you should leave CMJ without witnessing. After taking the stage, Art vs. Science dove right in with the song “Higher” and the crowd was swept into a dancing frenzy. Led by constant inspiration from the two vocalists, Dan Mac and Jim Finn, the crowd jumped and screamed at every build-up and breakdown. Art vs. Science played a large set, including their classics “Flippers” and “Parlez Vous Francas?” and their newer track “Magic Fountain.” The grinding synth lines and dance-y drum beats kept everyone jumping and singing along. Towards the end, an avid female fan was pulled on stage by Dan Mac and given a cowbell and a drumstick. There might or might not have been a few kisses exchanged as the band jammed relentlessly on their instruments. Even if you didn’t know the words before, you did by the time they were finished with you. Art vs. Science at Le Poisson Rouge was definitely one of the greatest shows I’ve been to in quite some time and was one of my favorites of CMJ. If you have the chance to catch them live, don’t pass it up. Maybe you too can score a kiss or two from Dan Mac.

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