A Fond Farewell


May 1st, 2012


Dear WMRE-ers, this post is one final toast to the fine Exec Staff that has led our organization this year.  Under the fearless leadership of Matt, we have accomplished so much, and grown immensely as an organization.  

The other day, I had a friend ask me what WMRE actually does.  My explanation took twenty minutes.  Not because I couldn’t put it simply, but because we do so much.  And Exec spearheads it all.  At our core, we are a small radio station that offers a voice to Emory students in an otherwise somewhat stifled community. We have taken it upon ourselves, though, to go far beyond that.  We seek to bring great music to Emory, Emory into Atlanta, and Atlanta into Emory. Managing to do so, requires teams of people.  

I got to serve as a Member at Large on Exec Staff this year, and thus was privy to all of Exec’s conversations.  I saw my position as a sort of business consultant, steering us for future ventures while taking a backseat to many day-to-day functions.  I know I was rather vocal, and I want to thank each Staff-er for hearing me out, and for letting me help.  I’m writing this post because you each deserve recognition for the time and effort you put in this year, and in many past, but also so that our followers know how extensive the WMRE organization is, and where they can get involved.  I raise a glass to each of you!

To begin, Madison, our ever-alert Director of Programming, had to sift through countless applications to get the best talent on air.  She interviewed and explored with our new DJs, ensuring that shows each had an authentic and original idea. Madison offered us a new spin on programming this year that invited stronger collaboration with the Music Department and offered shows to a wider variety of DJ.  She also managed show reviews, ensuring that all of our DJs are offering our viewers the best Emory has to offer.  That means she inspired teams of people to sit down and watch every different program several times (there are almost 70) to make sure everything was up to snuff.  That’s a lot of work! Madison, thank you for your level-headedness, and for always being on top of your work.  Shows have never been better!

Following that, we have Lauren, our Music Department head.  Lauren not only made sure our station played Heavy Ro that was current, entertaining, and enlightening, she expanded everyone’s horizons musically.  Lauren was a vocal force on Exec staff, ready to play Devil’s advocate, or simply ground us in our ideas.  Lauren engaged a staff of numerous Genre Directors who sifted through countless tracks each week, picking out the newest and the best items.  That two members of her team have been selected for next year’s Exec Staff speaks volumes about Lauren’s leadership and dedication to the station.

Then we have Chandler, our Tech Department head, who ensured that WMRE has the proper equipment to facilitate a seamless broadcast.  He not only buys the right things, but nurses them to health when they break (or we DJs break them).  Chandler stepped up in teaching all of our new DJs how to manage studio equipment, and how to record their shows.  Outside of regular programming, he was integral to facilitating WMRE’s other big function: bringing great, upcoming music to Emory’s campus in semesterly concerts.  If anyone knows how to spend some dolla dolla bill$ effectively, it’s Chandler.  He bought us state of the art technology in the form of amps, subwoofers, cords, and everything in between to ensure we put on the best, and the loudest, shows.  Chandler, thank you for always doing your research, and presenting it in a way us non-techies can understand!

This brings us to Chelsea, our Director of Special Events.  Chelsea tirelessly worked to put on two of the best shows WMRE has ever put on: Localsfest featuring Washed Out, and this weekend’s Spring Band Party featuring Beach Fossils.  For those of you who don’t know, Chelsea is one of the most well read (well listened?) people on new artists. She knows her scene.  And she knows how to put on a concert! She scouted out a great new venue to support those great artists.  Thanks to her great leadership, we had our highest concert attendance ever last semester, with over 500 people coming to Localsfest.  Chelsea, we know how hard you worked this year, oftentimes alone, and how many obstacles you faced.  In the end, you triumphed, and we’re all a little more music savvy because of you!

Of course, all of those people wouldn’t have come to the concert if it weren’t for Betsy, our lovely Promotions Director.  Betsy was new to the staff this year, and our only junior, but she was a force to be reckoned with.  From day one, when she brought into her interview a fantastic flier, we knew she would be right for the job.  Betsy brought us a whole host of promotional material, ranging from free CDs to t-shirts.  Beyond the paraphernalia, Betsy was a master of Photoshop, cranking out fliers for not just special events, but everyday programming.  She got the word around campus about our events, and her tactics (guerilla and otherwise) worked.  Betsy, you put so much time and work into WMRE this year, and I am so excited you will be continuing those efforts next year!

Back to those dolla dolla bill$, we must applaud Lara, our Director of Finances.  This year, WMRE spent quite a bit on a bit of everything.  Lara was there every step of the way checking our budget, and ensuring the dolla$ went to the right places.  Lara has also been on WMRE Exec Staff for years. Beyond fulfilling her obligations to spread the green, she was a valuable voice in Exec meetings this year.  I couldn’t have had more fun sitting next to her.  She brings the fun, and she brings the wallet: what more can you ask? We raise a vodka tonic to you, Lara!

Another component of the WMRE organization is our semi-annual Frequency magazine, headed by Adam.  Though young, Adam had a sharp and concerted eye for what the Zine should look like and cover.  He managed a ton of writers, and wrote quite a bit himself, bringing music, culture, and interest into an Emory publication.  Adam exhibits a great consistency between independence, management, and team player.  He stepped up early and often in many of our ventures, and we can’t thank him enough for his dedication and foresight.  It came as no surprise to many of us that he stepped up to be WMRE’s next General Manager.  I wish you all of the luck next year, Adam, but know you don’t need it!

Between magazines, concerts, and regular airtime, there are hundreds of members of the WMRE organization.  Thankfully, we have Wilma, our Personnel Director, to account for and inform them all.  Wilma makes sure all of the information gets into the right people’s hands.  She knows everyone in the organization, and what they do.  Her witty newsletters keep members informed and up to date.  Her diligence in note taking keeps Exec running smoothly.  Finally, her sassy flair and musical prowess made Exec staff so much more entertaining.  Good luck abroad next semester, and WMRE can’t wait to have you back in the Spring!

Then we have Arianna, who began the year with me as a Member at Large, but ended as our Social Chair queen.  Arianna was quick to recognize the need for a forum for DJs and WMRE-ers (contributors and groupies alike) to have a place to kick back, relax, and get to know one another.  She has thrown us fabulous party after party, and a stellar prom that rivaled that of my high school.  Arianna was vital in other arenas, too.  She used her experience at Emory’s Wheel to serve as Adam’s layout editor.  I think we can all agree the hours she spent formatting everything were well worth it for such a fine product.  Finally, Arianna took initiative and spearheaded many of our smaller projects, and we can’t thank her enough for doing so.  You brought WMRE together, and were a big influence.  I can’t wait to see what you do with the Zine next year!

And, saving best for last, we had Matt, our General Manager.  I can’t even begin to tell you what a great leader Matt has been.  Each week, he clearly states WMRE’s objectives, his own, and those of each Staff member.  He added transparency to our organization and kept everyone on point.  He networked with Emory administration to make sure our organization benefitted from everything Emory could offer.  He navigated us through a million obstacles, working to legitimize our station, and truly build up a great organization.  Under him we’ve improved our AM frequency, acquired proper technology, thrown better concerts, increased membership, improved our quality of programming, and so much more.  Matt, you were unafraid to add in new facets to the organization, and you kept us to a plan.  You dealt with opposition, and with goodwill, like the best leaders do.  You have made this year my favorite ever as a member of WMRE. 


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